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- We must know initial size of prostate before treatment

- Patient with BP, Patient with Fibroid and Overiensist, Patient with swollen legs need to know the condition of the kidney and blood circulation system


This is a diagnostic medical procedure that uses sound waves to produce images on a screen, which allows medical providers to view internal structures of the body.


Abdominal ultrasonography is a form of medical ultrasonography to visualise abdominal anatomical structures. It uses transmission and reflection of ultrasound waves to visualise internal organs through the abdominal wall. Examples of such organs are liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, and kidneys


Pelvic ultra sound help to observe conditions of urine bladder, reproductive organs. Male prostate size enlargement, hypertrophy of prostate

Prostate information Female:

Size of uterus, present location and size of the fibroids. Sizes of Ovaries, presence of ovareinsist and the sizes. Any other pathology changes of pelvic abnormalities


A Doppler ultrasound test uses reflected sound waves to see how blood flows through a blood vessel. It helps doctors assess the blood flow through major arteries and veins, such as those of the arms, legs, and neck. It can show blocked or reduced flow of blood through narrow areas in the major arteries of the neck. This problem could cause a stroke. The test also can find blood clots in leg veins (deep vein thrombosis, or DVT) that could break loose and block blood flow to the lungs.


Ultrasound produces images of organs from high-energy sound waves and echoes. It may be used to check for tumors in the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen and kidneys.

Cardiac Ultrasound

The most common type of heart ultrasound is non-invasive and very easy on the patient. A specially trained technician, called a cardiac sonographer, uses a gel to slide a microphone-like device called a transducer over the chest area. This allows reflected sound waves to provide a live picture of your heart and valves.

Urology Ultrasound

Urology is the field of medicine that focuses on diseases of the urinary tract and the male reproductive tract. Urologists(Diamed Diagnostic Centre) treat general diseases of the urinary tract. Particular type of urology, such as:

  • female urology, which focuses on conditions of a woman’s reproductive and urinary tract
  • male infertility, which focuses on problems that prevent a man from conceiving a baby with his partner
  • neurourology, which focuses on urinary problems due to conditions of the nervous system
  • pediatric urology, which focuses on urinary problems in children
  • urologic oncology, which focuses on cancers of the urinary system, including the bladder, kidneys, prostate, and testicles.

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